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Celestial Tear: Part 2

We are running a bit late with this next part of Celestial Tear. We are looking for feedback and some critique on the story and

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Celestial Tear Webcomic

Today we are launching the Celestial Tear webcomic! We want to bridge our games with consistent story content, so we are starting close to the events

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The Universe

In a deep dark corner of the universe, there’s a small galaxy consisting of very few planets. Most notable are three planets, which sit in the middle of the solar system. In the middle of these three planets lies a small planet named Hasphal. Above Hasphal is a large robust planet called Dagmedok. Legend says a powerful race of supernatural beings with vast technology exists there to watch over the planet of Hasphal. Just below Dagmedok is a planet closest to the sun… A dark eerie looking planet called Remerin, where the hasphalians say the land is filled with flames.


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