Welcome to the database, an atlas of all known information within the Celestial Tear universe and possibly beyond!

Before moving into any of the categories below, we are breaking the 4th wall to suggest digging into the vocabulary and world rules. It’s not necessary, but it might help to understand some terms better!

We will be releasing new data on a weekly basis until we run out of ideas… (So probably forever)

This section fit all of the heavy hitters who shape the world to what it is. Without them, The Celestial Tear Universe would not exist!

The bestiary holds all of the creatures, living or not, that reside in the world. It also contains creatures types.

Here, you’ll find all of the beautiful maps of the Celestial Tear. Planets, forests, dungeons, towns, and and everything in between!

From health and magic to time travel, there are so many items and trinkets that exist for the people of the Celestial Tear. Find out about them here!