Biological Crafting Items

The biological potency these crafting materials possess are the most magical and deadly properties making them key items when creating scroll ink, ores, and poisonous concoctions. These are the most expensive items on the market due to the final products they are known to produce.

Demon Blood

Demon Blood

Because of the potency of this blood type, it can be used for a variety of things. Many people use it to create potions that carry spells from the jeht’s DNA. Due to this, one needs to know the prior owner or risk making a draught of random effect. There are rumors that someone knows a trick to test the effects of the blood before committing the entire batch. Then again, the ones that say it want to sell you their wares.

Venom Sac

Just about every poisonous and deadly concoction can be traced back to the venom sac of some of the most deadly creatures around. This base is already extremely hazardous on its own. Just a drop of the sticky acidic pus that excretes from their leathery sac can burn a hole through even the most dense metals. For safe handling, the extract has to be diluted in order to imbue or smear it on weapons, darts, and other tools of the assassins and mercenaries who want to have extra insurance on the fatality of their targets.


A soft, sticky substance which, by itself, is repulsive to many. This slime has no odor, which is strange for a secretion of any sort. This biological substance occurs as a by-product of certain fungi or can be manufactured through chemical means. Each way has their pros and cons, but both make a right mess when you drop a beaker full of the stuff.