Crafting Ores

Ores are characterized as the encapsulated soul of all the things that have lived on the planet. These seemingly magical crystals have the ability to grant its users elemental and physical traits as long as they are held. These effects can also be transmuted by trained alchemists into more potent versions of the naturally occurring ores variation.



Ores are crystalized metals that can absorb magic energy. These materials can have many attributes that can imbue the user with elemental and physical enhancements. Ores generally absorb its energy on its own, but experienced alchemists have been known to imbue them with more potent effectiveness.

Infusion Ore

This ore has many valuable metals and minerals that can be extracted from it. Geologists have puzzled out that ore veins have rare crossings that result in these multi-colored ores, but are still baffled by the details of their formation.
When exposed to flames of a forge, the slab ‘evaporates’ to use Bussejk’s term, leaving a mixture of raw metals that exhibit wonderous properties.

Infusion Stone

Many are puzzled about the origin of this rare stone. Like the infusion ores, metals and minerals can be extracted from it, but they are very contained. These materials are very particular and can only be used in a small variety of ores. These ores, however, are extremely potent and are of the rarest and most durable variety. If one finds ore made of this stone they may also find themselves in the presence of a small fortune.

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