Essential Oils

These are basic essential oils used in many of the alchemical formulas derived from the planet Celestial Tear.

Lohal Extract

Lohal Extract

A proper extract of Lohal includes an oil base. While near any non-toxic oil will do, the oil itself interferes with the healing properties of the Lohal extract. In exchange, the potency of the leaf can be preserved for much longer in this format.
One would suggest this as an emergency healing agent when no others are to be found.

Pyro Oil

A bottle filled with a sparkling flame. The flame is kept alive by a heated oil mixture and can be visually seen in the bottle. The liquid, although extremely hot, can be poured over a frozen organic surface and safely warm it to functionality without damaging any living tissue. One should be sure not to use it on an active or normal temperature being, those effects can prove to be more unpredictable

Oreno Extract

Many are puzzled about the origin of this rare stone. Like the infusion ores, metals and minerals can be extracted from it, but they are very contained. These materials are very particular and can only be used in a small variety of ores. These ores, however, are extremely potent and are of the rarest and most durable variety. If one finds ore made of this stone they may also find themselves in the presence of a small fortune.