Forbidden Tech

This technology was originally outlawed in the Celestial Tear only to reappear on this small humbling planet called Hasphal after the disappearance of the scientific genius and outlaw who created it, Doctor Steinert.



A rare mechanical hourglass that allows the user to rewind time when turned upside down. The science that developed these contraptions at the Ridder Headquarters is a complete mystery to the outside world. Once used, the recent memories of the user are gone. The user is unaware of previous events as if it had never existed, creating a new timeline in which the old decisions had never occurred. This is all in theory as no one has ever been able to prove that it actually works.

Dream Powder

This mysterious powder like substance was developed at the Ridder Headquarters and it is said to be able to launch its user into the future.

Users that have experienced contact with even a single grain of this substance were engulfed in a golden glow and immediately disappeared and reappeared in the same spot twelve hours later. This experimental technology has been sold frequently on the black market and has been predominantly used by thieves, mercenaries, and con artists alike.


Developed by the criminal scientist, Doc Steinert, these robotic contraptions are able to grow to the size of a child’s ball or shrink down to the scale of a molecule. The primary function of the nanites is to produce accelerated healing of organic tissue. Just one nanite can hide in the bloodstream and prevent the loss of limbs and halt severe bleeding in its tracks. The nanites usually leave their host with resistance to the previous injury. Due to the nature of the fuel that powers these nanites; antimatter, the host has also been subjected to the effects of void poisoning, a sickness that can deplete the mind of its sanity.