Health & Magic Restoration Items

These items are very common throughout the Celestial Tear universe as staple healing and energy consumables throughout our games and series.

Lohal Leaf

Lohal Leaf

The Lohal Leaf, when applied to an open wound: staunches bleeding, numbs pain, forms a sticky seal on the affected area and dissolves into a paste that is readily absorbed by the body. Wounds that would take days to heal close up in minutes. A household wonder and traveler’s best friend.

Lohal Vial

Lohal Leaves extract can be further distilled into a potent healing tonic that can be applied to the most serious of wounds. Unfortunately, the extraction process is not normal and using an alcohol solution produces a toxic concoction as opposed to a healing one.

Lohal Aura

The Lohal Aura is the perfected ideal of the lohal leaf. This item has the power to heal any number of wounds by swarming itself around the user’s entire body. The Lohal Aura then taps into the user’s own aura to identify imperfections and heal them.

Oreno Leaf

Oreno Leaf

Oreno leaves are derived from the legendary Oreno tree. Found scattered throughout Hasphal, no one has actually seen this mythical tree, but the leaves are imbued with potent magical properties that give the consumer amazing stamina and refreshing attributes.

Oreno Vial

Oreno vials are very powerful and rare. Not many people are able to mix the oreno extract, pure water, and mint that it takes to make this and often come out with a poison.

Oreno Aura

Part inscense, part tincture, part matter-made-energy, part miracle; this potent healing item permeates into the very core of one’s body. Even masters at alchemy itself are baffled by the innermost workings of this mysterious substance.