Medicine (Rare)

Although these medicines can be found on the black market it is not wise to consume unless acquired by a seasoned alchemist. Counterfeit concoctions by inexperienced practitioners have caused fatal and debilitating results. These meds are pretty rare in this universe.



The remedy is the most potent of all ailment healing known within Hasphal’s realm. Not one physical or mental defect withstands its mixture of herb extracts and fine-crafted stabilizers. Well, the temporary ones, at least. This is a rare concoction and can only be cultivated by the most experienced alchemies. Taking many of Hasphal’s healing herbs and making them into a singular potion can prove to be fatal if not done properly.

Body Regulator

One of the two Imperfect Panaceas, the Body Regulator is a select mixture of various remedies centered on cleansing the physical body from poisons and maladies. The solution is thin and coats your fingers rather than beading up on itself. The potent fungal and alcohol smell hammers your nose upon uncorking the bottle. In crafting the Body Regulator, select changes have to be applied to each remedy. The chemical interactions are complex and hold the potential to add more toxins to the body than they remove.

Mind Regulator

The fumes alone can bring someone back to their senses. The mind regulator is a potent brew which helps the brain and allows it to become at ease. This concoction has been known to cure the insane and help the confused focus even in the most traumatic of cases. Once ingested through the nose the mist sends shocking signals to the cerebral cortex making it dominate and allowing the user to focus and prioritize on the most logical tasks at hand.