Medicine (Uncommon)

With the exception of mint these items have to be curated by an expert alchemist. Although the mint is more natural its application should be held by a professional as it could inhibit breathing and is extremely poisonous.



Mint is a medicinal herb that can be used to eliminate toxins and ease skin irritations. It can also be used in cooking to give a fresh, sweet, cool flavor. Many people pile it on to get a stronger aftertaste. When used in alchemy, its subtle restorative properties bolster other ingredients.

Loud Potion

A vial filled with a concoction that produces a mental shock to the brain that emulates a very loud sound. This shock has been described as a potent cannon like sound that wakes one from even the most coma like states.

Parel Vial

This concoction is a miracle within itself. It cures paralysis early on if one can catch it soon enough. It strengthens and repairs the connective tissues and fluids of the spine.

Sense Potion

Sense Potion

While a good slap to the head takes care of most confused individuals, sometimes you want to keep your more fragile friendships. In this case, melik seeds can be doused with honey and left to simmer a day. The result can be applied to the victim’s forehead to calm them down after a few seconds.

Memory Potion

Alchemists have forever studied the brain as it applies to memory. Trying to unlock how it affects one’s cognitive abilities. During these studies they developed a potion that could restore memories almost instantaneously. This potion is so potent that one could remember the entirety of their first birthday.

Melting Potion

A vial filled with liquid specifically made to melt frozen objects. It is said the liquid encapsulated in the vial came from the vile peaks of Crater Pass.