Miracle Potions

These life saving concoctions are only useful if used within a 2 hour window. If the heart or any vital organs are damaged it is very unlikely (though possible) that any of these solutions will work.

Mislet Vial

Mislet Vial

When a Lohal Aura has added to it part of the roots and heart of a Mislet tree, the result is a syrup that can reverse death…in most cases. The Lohal Aura reverts the body back to its proper form so long as all parts of the body remain relatively intact. The parts of the Mislet tree stimulate the brain and cause what can only be described as ‘lightning and quickening’, which revives the person it is applied to. It cannot recover a person from old age, replace body parts, or resurrect a person who has suffered mental trauma to the brain severe enough to render them without will.


In the religion of science that is alchemy, there is no better example of this concept than the Lohalee. The Lohal Aura provides the physical healing from the earth. The Oreno Aura supplies spiritual healing from the air. Pure water becomes the medium that separates and joins the two. Pyro Oil brings the water to a simmer, distilling the primal essence of humanity into the ultimate recovery strength item known yet. Rumored to taste like a light hazelnut.