Mythical Herbs

Many are unsure if these herbs of legend or even real let alone their apparent effects on the body and mind. Their origins and locations of the plant or tree are so guarded that many treasure hunters end up missing in pursuit of these apparently powerful consumables.

Kire Leaf

Kire Leaf

This leaf comes from one of the rarest trees in the world, the kire tree. Only a few exist in all of Hasphal. They absorb the world’s strength through their roots and make it bloom through the foliage, creating a dagger like leaf.
Each tree’s owner is a tower of physical strength and capable of resisting armies alone. The only times these trees change hands are old age, another kire tree owner ousting the prior owner…or overconsumption of the product.

Bohdi Clover

The unique chemical nature of the bohdi clover rises to its peak upon being brewed. The bohdi clover induces a near supernatural relaxed state when drunk, causing a brief moment of pure, unfiltered focus on nothing. From there, with surprising certainty, some revelation of self is achieved.

Difen Leaf

The Difen Leaf has no tree which to call its own. Some unknown process takes an unknown leaf and infuses it with the structural stability of Difen ore. Stuck under the tongue, the leaf breaks down by itself in ten to fifteen minutes and has an unpleasant metallic taste to it. What it does in the body to bolster one’s physical sturdiness is a mystery as well, but the effects are undeniable.