Scroll Crafting

Magic in the Celestial Tear Universe is primarily based on science and the untapped mental capabilities of its inhabitants. Scrolls written on organic material and ink loaded with elemental properties tap into that potential and allow just about anyone to use this rare and powerful ability without the debilitating effects of the uninitiated magic user.

Blank Magic Scroll

Blank Magic Scroll

A blank scroll designed to be infused with magic. Made of vellum, the scroll has a fine texture to it and smooth feel. The smell of the lime wash still lingers on the expensive medium. While not magical in and of itself, a magic scroll is the best way to encode and store a specific effect for later. This scroll has already been prepared to accept inks of different types, chalks and oil-based paints. Your most common printing material by far is jeht DNA, of course.

Black Ink

This is no ordinary writing ink. This ink is used to scribe scrolls with magical incantations. It is made up of materials that are known to be potent in magical ability. This substance is known to contain every periodic elemental property that is known to Hasphal so that any spell can be derived from its writings. Using the organic materials of the scroll as extra material to produce the spell, this ink is a staple in any alchemist tool box.