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Annox Desert
The bustling city of Annox holds one of the most powerful local militaries of Hasphal called the Palace Guard.
Origin Forest
A vast forest hidden in the mountains. It is known to be a sacred and forbidden place.
Hulyzer Geyser
Mizu Village


In the middle of the Celestial Tear lies a beautiful, livable planet called Hasphal. It has lush green forests, fascinating deserts, huge mountainscapes and beautifully youthful blue oceans. Just like most planets, Hasphal is crippled by its many secrets and political discourse. For a land composed of so many beautiful and vibrant landscapes, the people of Hasphal can be just as intolerant and ugly. The kelt have claimed dominance over most of the planet and have declared war on the native jehts, proclaiming them to be evil and corrupted “demons.” Jehts are hunted as if they’re pests and have to hide out in the most desolate locations in order to avoid death.

This is the way on Hasphal. To the kelt this is how it should be. A benign practice and the will of their gods, the Gaddok. To the jehts, they are waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring the kelts’ good times to an end.
  • Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge, 2015
  • Whitney E. White
  • Tyrell E. White

Creators Blurb:
Hasphal has naturally formed with the divisions of the jehts’ and kelts’ past during the events of the Great Cataclysm. Beyond that divide, there is also a class divide that separates the many kelt elite from the more poverty stricken locals. Pekitzer, being the most developed city, is bordered by the mining city of Coren De Mastet on the polluted isle in the middle of Hasphal. These kelt factions do not get along as the citizens of Coren De Mastet work hard to support Pekitzer; they are not privileged to any of its benefits.

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