White Guardian Studios Games

A collection of demos and games that will be released that are being created by us!

Demon’s Revenge is a turned-based dark fantasy RPG. Join Sen, a water demon hunted for crimes she once committed, as you explore a treacherous forest full of hunters and monsters. Use magical abilities, combo attacks, and devastating finishers to escape a deadly fate.

A Dark Fantasy Adventure

Explore Origin Forest, an eerie and forbidden dark woodland full of lore and mystery. Discover long lost secrets and hidden artifacts from a forgotten past as Sen battles ghouls, ghosts, and mythical beasts to escape the Ridders.

Engaging Turn-Based Battles

Execute devastating combos to build up your rage meter and execute powerful combo finishers. Dodge and counter attacks with a skill-based mechanic that lets you take advantage of an enemy’s mistakes.

Equan is the only thing that can stop apocalyptic-level behemoths from destroying the universe. The problem is he keeps finding fallen versions of himself littered across the universe.

A narrative-driven, single-player platforming adventure through the Celestial Tear Universe where you battle alien creatures, monsters from the void, and apocalyptic-level behemoths as the galaxy’s best interplanetary assassin Equan.

Hunt down threats through 8 levels, each with unique enemies, obstacles, and dynamic choices, and discover the mysteries of the world and its malicious would-be destroyers.

Acquire a new weapon after defeating each world destroyer.

Unlock the mystery of Equan and find out why he keeps finding different versions of himself littered across the universe.

Explore an eerie planet marooned in a dark dimension known as the void. Command a dysfunctional trio of soldiers in fast-paced tactical combat with otherworldly creatures. Scavenge for supplies and build a camp to survive the harsh environment on this Lost World!


A perilous journey of survival in a dark and desolate anti-universe filled with mysteries and an environment bent on destroying you as you struggle to find a way out.

Strategic Real-Time Combat

In combat Jake, Uzu, and Trask use their training to coordinate and execute commands in real-time through the use of charges. Simultaneously give commands to each character in real-time to defeat your enemies on the Lost World.

CTX Legends

CTX Legends is a card game featuring characters, abilities, locations, and more from the Celestial Tear Universe. Everyone can play. Let’s play together!

Save the universe from impending doom!

Time is fractured and the universe is doomed to fall into chaos. It is up to the many factions of the Celestial Tear to set things right!

Strategic Card Battles

Use elemental resistances and special abilities to outwit your opponent or sabotage their cards with debilitating effects to strategically decimate their deck.