A Lovecraftian JRPG where consuming monsters is the key to survive

Blending elements of sandbox, survival, and horror with classic, active turn-based, Japanese role-playing style battles, Celestial Tear: Lost World presents a new cross-genre experience unlike anything seen before. With retro pixel-art graphics and a lush, dynamic 16-bit soundtrack, the world of Celestial Tear: Lost World provides an immersive Lovecraftian experience as players travel across this gritty, dark anti-universe. Fans of Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, and even the classic Eternal Darkness will all find something to relish in this cosmic, terrifying adventure.

Jake Kontor and her team of law enforcement recruits are on the chase to hunt down an interstellar rogue agent when they’re pulled into a mysterious anti-universe known as The Void. Having just been made Headmaster of the universe’s largest policing force, the Ecademy, Jake’s highest concern is to care for her stranded crew. When monsters start emerging from The Void, she quickly realizes that not only are the lives of her crew in danger, but the lives of every soul in the universe.


  • Hunt

    On this strange land, you have to be willing hunt and harvest organs of weird alien monsters to consume them in various ways.

  • Eye Candy

    Experience the gorgeous timeless pixel art visuals and intricately and uniquely designed monsters

  • Responsive Audio

    As you explore the world, you will hear seamless audio cues that will vary based on your situation

  • Survive

    A foreign world lies ahead. Will you be able to escape the many biomes of this alien earth, or fall victim to the horrors that lie within?

  • Craft

    Camp to craft upgrades and eat monsters to replenish health, survive harsh weather and build resistance to insanity indusing psychosis

  • Upgrade

    Fortify your camp with upgrades to protect against the horrors of The Void.

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