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Worldbuilding Through Games and Comics with the Celestial Tear

Worldbuilding is an art form that transports us to other realms, immersing us in vivid, exciting narratives and capturing our hearts with deep and engaging characters. We have been shaping our world, the Celestial Tear, to be a captivating world that you can experience through interactive and written content. We are excited to release our […]

CTX Weeklies: Sinara

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on reddit Share on email Sinara Origins Hello everyone,  We are excited to release our first Celestial Tear Weekly Comic! We have decided to call these CTX Weeklies. This comic features the Demon Ridder, Sinara, and how she came to be a dangerous and malevolent force in the […]

Celestial Tear: Part 2

We are running a bit late with this next part of Celestial Tear. We are looking for feedback and some critique on the story and direction we are taking our webcomic. I can get a bit wordy with the dialogue which ends up covering some of the art, but I find it completely necessary. I […]

Celestial Tear Webcomic

Today we are launching the Celestial Tear webcomic! We want to bridge our games with consistent story content, so we are starting close to the events of where we want our game Demon’s Revenge to end. We pick back up with our main character, Sen, as she deals with her new role in the Celestial Tear […]


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