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Worldbuilding Through Games and Comics with the Celestial Tear

Worldbuilding is an art form that transports us to other realms, immersing us in vivid, exciting narratives and capturing our hearts with deep and engaging characters. We have been shaping our world, the Celestial Tear, to be a captivating world that you can experience through interactive and written content. We are excited to release our universe called the Celestial Tear Experience or CTX for short to the public. In the CTX, we are combining our games and comics into one to create a unique interactive multimedia experience.

What is the Celestial Tear?

Worldbuilding character

We have been building our games and comics universe called the Celestial Tear since 2008. We plan to continue to grow and expand our world by releasing entries into the CTX every month. This includes characters, items, monsters, locations, bios, and art in addition to music and comics. Furthermore, you will also be able to keep up with the releases and development of all our worldbuilding and games.

CTX Games

Worldbuilding games

We are passionate worldbuilding storytellers who are eager to tell our stories, especially through our favorite media type: games and our favorite genre RPG. Those games include Demon’s Revenge, Lunaris, and Lost World which you can follow in the CTX!

An Expansive Universe!

Worldbuilding comic
Celestial Tear Doc Steinert comic

The CTX explores various time periods in our expansive worldbuilding universe. For example, readers can experience the mysteries and life in the old west through Lunaris, take a fantasy journey through the conflicts of Hasphal as men and demons fight for their right to live on the planet, or take a journey through space and beyond in Dark Tides where otherworldly chaos threatens all of existence in the Celestial Tear.

Our goal for the Celestial Tear is to invite anyone to participate and join in that journey! If you love games, stories, and comics you will also enjoy the CTX. To begin your Celestial Tear journey visit our website today!

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Made With Support From Our Patrons!

Worldbuilding Patreon Patrons

Made possible by our Patreon supporters! On Patreon, we have monthly digital wallpapers, prints, stickers, and behind-the-scenes development of our games and comics. Check out our Patreon page and join us as we combine games and comics in the Celestial Tear.

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