Cavernas De Muerte

Many of the kelt ancestral philosophers and scientists were made aware of forces that could potentially destroy their existence. Some would go mad with their new found knowledge, and others would fight for the preservation of their being and look for ways to combat the ever approaching darkness and dangers of the universe. In the Cavernas De Muerte kelt scientists would experiment on the many jeht cultures trying to understand their abilities to adapt to their environment and mold that into their own DNA. Many jehts and kelt alike would be taken from their homes and brutally mutilated and tortured on the tables in the laboratories of the mad kelt scientists.

These experiments were short lived as the facility and its operators fell to its own devices as the jehts lead a rebellion against their oppressors. The facility, and most of its work, were all but lost in time.
  • Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge, 2015
  • Whitney E. White
  • Tyrell E. White

Creators Blurb:
A lot of games have places named in other languages, but I’ve rarely seen a place named in spanish, so I wanted to do that here.

Cavernas De Muerte translates to Caverns Of Death. The word muerte sounds cool O_O

This location shows up in the game Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge!

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