Items & Objects Of Interest

The Celestial Tear is home to many useful and powerful treasures. Learn the lore and legend that comes with each important one here!

The biological potency these crafting materials possess are the most magical and deadly properties making them key items when creating scroll ink, ores, and poisonous concoctions. These are the most expensive items on the market due to the final products they are known to produce.

Ores are characterized as the encapsulated soul of all the things that have lived on the planet. These seemingly magical crystals have the ability to grant its users elemental and physical traits as long as they are held. These effects can also be transmuted by trained alchemists into more potent versions of the naturally occurring ores variation.

These are basic essential oils used in many of the alchemical formulas derived from the planet Celestial Tear.

These items are very common throughout the Celestial Tear universe as staple healing and energy consumables throughout our games and series.

These are common items that can be fabricated from just about anywhere. Basic ailment remedies.

With the exception of mint these items have to be curated by an expert alchemist. Although the mint is more natural its application should be held by a professional as it could inhibit breathing and is extremely poisonous.

Although these medicines can be found on the black market it is not wise to consume unless acquired by a seasoned alchemist. Counterfeit concoctions by inexperienced practitioners have caused fatal and debilitating results. These meds are pretty rare in this universe.

These miracles of modern technology are a part of every explorer’s basic equipment. These tools can be the difference between life and death as they contain important information on food and equipment in the wild as well as offering protective shelter from the elements and dangerous beasts.

These life saving concoctions are only useful if used within a 2 hour window. If the heart or any vital organs are damaged it is very unlikely (though possible) that any of these solutions will work.

Many are unsure if these herbs of legend or even real let alone their apparent effects on the body and mind. Their origins and locations of the plant or tree are so guarded that many treasure hunters end up missing in pursuit of these apparently powerful consumables.

Magic in the Celestial Tear Universe is primarily based on science and the untapped mental capabilities of its inhabitants. Scrolls written on organic material and ink loaded with elemental properties tap into that potential and allow just about anyone to use this rare and powerful ability without the debilitating effects of the uninitiated magic user.

This technology was originally outlawed in the Celestial Tear only to reappear on this small humbling planet called Hasphal after the disappearance of the scientific genius and outlaw who created it, Doctor Stienert.